EUTIMIA stems from the fact that men are the eternal forgotten in fashion. We intend to refresh and update the classic suit by breaking with the traditional tailor style while adding our minimalistic values.

The modern man can be divided in two big groups. On the one hand, we have the classic group; traditional men that wear their classic jacket suit without adding any variation or trend  ̶ they are strangers to changes. On the other hand we have the extravagant group; men that reject sobriety and are close to extravagance. They are not scared of change and borrow items and inspiration from female fashion.

These two groups are completely opposite, but we can find a middle ground as well in male fashion. He is a man who has a classic and elegant style but likes fashion and is not afraid of bending the rules. This middle ground is not as exploited as it should be, so EUTIMIA was created for this type of man.

But why EUTIMIA? Eutimia is a very important concept in psychology. When talking about bipolar disorders, it is the state between dysthymia and hyperthymia, that is to say, the intermediate point between rage and depression. When talking about these terms in fashion, we relate dysthymia (depression) with the classic group of men (sobriety, little creativity), and hyperthymia (rage) to the extravagant group (creative and brave).

Therefore, Eutimia would be the neutral state of personality, the peacefulness, the natural state of a person in which he can reason and think in full possession of his mental faculties.

The collection is inspired in geometric forms, that generate an interplay of lights and shadows. In this way, male forms are adapted to this geometry, with big plain areas, being always monochromatic or with a cold and sober colour palette at most. Cleanliness and a great sobriety generate an almost phantasmagorical aura with light and ethereal areas, contrasted with the rigidity and weight of the geometrical elements in our clothes.

In EUTIMIA colour is seen as a development that starts with a white light. When this white light hits geometrical surfaces, it generates diverse grey tonalities until it reaches the shadow – total black. This evolution is only contrasted with camel colour in little details to break the monochromatic style of the neutral colours, adding dynamism and serenity.

In short, the collection is an array of different inspirations that when combined go hand in hand. EUTIMIA goes from minimalist, going through Judaism, until we reach nowadays’ decadence.